Green Star Juicer Review – From The Eyes Of Experts And Customers


Green Star Juicer Review

Green Star Juicer Review

A lot of people today are having problems with their health especially those people who live in the city. This is because of the unhealthy way of life that most people adapt-to while in the urban zone, which primarily includes overeating in fast-food restaurants. What most people do to be healthy again is a change of diet by keeping away from high-cholesterol/ unhealthy meals and replacing these cheeseburgers with organic food in their daily consumption. Experts said that organic foods such as fruits and vegetables are better-of to be eaten fresh and unheated. This would mean not to place the fruits and veges on heat or simply saying not to cook them. In this way, more nutrients can be extracted and absorbed by the consumer. However, it’s extremely hard to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis without liquefying it. This is the reason why you need a juicer that can certainly extract more nutrients out of the organic food. Among the popular juicers today is Green Star juicer, no wonder why a lot of people are searching the web for Green Star juicer review. Let’s get to know this juicer better.

Starting with the pros

Assembling is a piece-of-cake

According to people who have recently purchased the Green Star juicer, at the moment they opened the box, the juicer is already pre-assembled, so what they just had to do is follow this guide provided by the manufacturer. This is the main reason won’t give you a blank-page in the process of assembling it.



Very low RPM

If you can read other Green Star juicer review over the web, you will know that the reviews highlight this juicer’s low RPM (revolution per minute) feature. It’s definitely a fact that in order to get the most nutrients from an organic food, then you mustn’t place it directly to heat. Although a juicer with high RPM is not a natural heater, but still does provide great heat due to the extensive force/ pressure as an effect of the high RPM. This is why the low RPM feature is one of the best advantages of a Green Star juicer.

Breaks down almost all fruits and veges including nuts

The power of Green Star juicer is quite impressive even if it runs on low RPM in order to keep the nutrients. In fact, this juicer can squeeze almost all kinds of fruits, vegetables and surprisingly nuts as well.

Ending with the cons

Like other juicers, the Green Star juicer also has negative issues too. The most common con of this juicer is its incapability to speed-up the extracting process. This because of its low RPM motor, but of course this would just be okay if you certainly want to extract a fruit and getting as much nutrients out of it. Another con that you can also read on another Green Star juicer review is it’s hard to clean due to the numerous parts that are not reachable.
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